LIKE A PRO MUSIC COACHING is an international online coaching company dedicated to educating and empowering upcoming Artists & Bands who strive to make the shift from AMATEUR to PROFESSIONAL.

We provide hands-on guidance from experienced coaches in the industry so that you can RECORD, RELEASE and PROMOTE your music LIKE A PRO and begin to BUILD A CAREER doing what you love. 

Any Unsigned Artists and Bands who are ready to RECORD, RELEASE, & PROMOTE your next (or first) single, EP, or album, and who are ready to b your music career by learning how to pitch your music for opportunities in tv/ads/film & more!

BEFORE you set out to record your next project - because we're here to help you STRATEGIZE from the very beginning on how pursue the best return on your investment and plan ahead for future success.

Learn AT YOUR OWN PACE through pre-recorded video curriculum courses that include detailed checklists and all the resources needed to complete the “homework” associated with each step of your journey. Courses include WEEKLY LIVE COACHING & SUPPORT from experienced and encouraging coaches who want you to succeed, with 1:1 coaching available at a special student discount. 

Because our Founder SHERILYN experienced first-hand the benefit of being mentored early on in her career, she wanted to be that mentor to other budding Artists. Sherilyn is here to help you go further faster with all of the knowledge and expertise she has gathered over 25 years as a professional artist, and she looks for that same of kind of music industry experience & passion in every coach on her team and industry expert she introduces you to along the way.

We invite you to come find the COMMUNITY & SUPPORT you need to be able to create streams of revenue, build a fan base, and pursue the impact you desire with your music. 


SHERILYN is a Singer-Songwriter, Producer, Podcast Host, and Music Career Coach based in Cayucos, CA.  

From a young age, Sherilyn got her start writing songs while singing in church, cheerleading for football games, and studying classical, jazz, and pop music in school. Known as “the girl with the big voice” with incredible stage presence, she turned down a full college scholarship and opportunity to audition as flautist for the Chicago Civic Orchestra when she got her first record deal in her early twenties. Her powerhouse vocals and captivating stage presence soar through her songs in a way that is memorable and moving. 

Signed to a CCM label (Vineyard Music/Varietal Records) 1998-2008 and gaining some momentum on Christian radio (under her artist name and then married name at the time - Sheri Keller & Sheri Carr), she enjoyed a decade touring as a solo artist through the U.S., Australia, Italy, Switzerland, and Brazil. Continuing to evolve as an artist, entrepreneur, and creative, she eventually set out independently as pop alternative artist SHERILYN in 2011, launching her own record label & publishing company, Starboard Stride.

After settling on the Central Coast of California several years later, Sherilyn built a home studio where she loves to write and record her own music, as well as help other artists learn how to RECORD, RELEASE, & PROMOTE their music professionally. Through video courses and online coaching, she guides them through artist development, building their brand & catalog, expanding their music industry knowledge, creating revenue streams, and teaching them how to promote and pitch their music for more “major league” opportunities - such as sync licensing.

Taking all of her experience from over 20 years in the music industry as both a signed and independent artist with 10 sync agencies/publishers who currently rep her music for placements in TV/ads/film/podcasts, Sherilyn founded her international online company in January 2022 - LIKE A PRO MUSIC COACHING. Since then, she has worked with over 150 independent artists from all over the world - US, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK - seeing some of those artists already starting to get features on Spotify Editorial playlists and land placements in TV, ads, and film.

In her spare time [insert laughter here] Sherilyn loves swing dancing, baking, beach walks, interior design, and hosting her podcast, Have You Seen Me Now. The premise of her podcast is a product of her own journey.....that it's never too late to re-invent yourself.

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Brand new to Logic? Start with our DEMO YOUR SONG LIKE A PRO course. When you have the basic down, it's time to move on to learn how to MIX MUSIC LIKE A PRO!

Our key foundational course to help you RECORD, RELEASE, & PROMOTE your first (or next) single to sync ops & more so you can learn to make a living with your music!

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